The Age of Anxiety

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Higher Anxiety? Our ‘age of anxiety’ began four centuries ago It can come on suddenly and intensely, causing shaking, confusion and difficulty breathing for no apparent reason…trigger an irrational avoidance of elevators or public transportation…or become a steady drumbeat of worry always in the background. All are known as anxiety disorders, one of the country’s […]

Going with the Grain

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Going with the Grain They may be the culinary trendsetters of the 21st century, but the ancient wonders of the grain world have remain unchanged for the last several hundred years. From chia to kamut, sorghum to spelt, like many whole grains, they are significant sources of protein, fiber and other important nutrients, such as […]

Should you choose a female doctor article

Should You Choose a Female Doctor?

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The New York Times published an intriguing article titled “Should You Choose a Female Doctor?” citing studies and interviews showing that female doctors tend to listen more, and their patients fare better as a result. While I’m delighted to see this high-profile endorsement, I believe the evidence actually points not as much to a gender difference in care, but in taking the …

Decoding Different Diets

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What Kind of Eater are You? In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, even inveterate beef eaters may be considering a more vegetable-centric diet. If you’re on a journey to vegetarianism or simply curious about the side roads surrounding it, follow our road map to nutritious eating with expert direction provided by Academy of Nutrition […]

Pain Management: The New Approach

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Fewer Pills, Lower Doses, More Vigilance: The New Approach to Pain Management It’s hard to imagine a medical crisis more widely discussed, dissected and debated in the last two years than opioid abuse. As a result, clear action steps have been taken, including retooling of the 2016 guidelines for opioid-prescribing protocols – dosage recommendations, follow […]

A Flu-Free Winter: Your Best Shot

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Take Your Best Shot for a Flu-Free Winter Last year’s flu season was severe in most parts of the country and left many wondering why the flu vaccine hadn’t performed more effectively. However, it remains our best line of defense for averting and lessening the severity of this common but potentially deadly illness. Below we […]

Plant the Seeds of Healthy Eating

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Seeds of healthy eating v1 300x300Plant-based eating proponents are growing at a rapid clip in the US, buoyed by ongoing reports that following the regimen faithfully can result in a multitude of health benefits, ranging from increased energy and elevated mood to lower risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The abundance of antioxidants in whole plant foods […]

20,000 and You: Unlocking the Genetic Code

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In just the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the practical uses of genetic testing, which examines changes, or variants, in your genes that may lead to illness or disease. Once considered more of an investment in the future and less applicable to individual patient care, opportunities to guide health and […]